Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Symptoms of meningitis

I must have considered I had meningitis before I went to the hopsital, although I don't remember thinking such.  This is because I found a piece of paper in front of my computer with a note stating meningitis symptoms.  On Sunday night and Monday, I just had a dull headache.  On Tuesday, the headache started throbbing, and I had a fever.  It was June, and I bundled myself up on the couch and watched tv.  On Wednesday, the fever was still there, but I also felt nauseas and vomited  aacouple of times in the evening.  On Thursday, I was tired and weak, but had not vomited - I decided to go to urgent care in the late afternoon. 

The doctor prescribed some antibiotics for it could have been a sinus infenction, but told me to got the emergency room if I felt the antibiotics were not working.  The fever lowered, but would not completely go away.  By Saturday, I had trouble urinating.  On Sunday, I could not urinate at all. Early Sunday afternoon, I went to the emergency room.

A spinal tap was done on me, and then a Foley catheter was inserted so I could urinate.  I was told I had viral meningtis.  Here is the funny thing. I don't remember researching meningitis before I went to the hospital, but i do rememeber not being too worried about it after I was told having the viral form because i knew it wasn't as severe as other forms of meningitis.  I figured I'd be in the hopsital for a couple of days while the virus passed through my system, and I'd go home, and be back to work within a couple of week.

Boy, was I wrong.

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