Tuesday, July 23, 2013

One Two Three

I am writing a book, a memoir, about this recovery process, and originally, I was going to title it, "One, Two, Three."  This is because  during the entire time of  I was in the hospital, I really could not move much - and had very little strength to push off my leg.

Turning over was something I could not do. In order for me to turn over, I would hold my arms out, and turn my upper body over a little, then "roll back" turn my body over a little more on the second count, then, on the third count, use all the momentum to roll over onto my side - sometimes it worked, sometimes, I couldn't roll over.

And so it was with everything: Transferring onto a wheelchair, into a car seat, things I don't remember doing anymore - everything was based on a count of three.  

Now, I don't have to do that - I can roll over, get into a car, etc.  I can even do planking exercises.  That's progress.

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