Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dragging Feet

I've always been a foot dragger, but even as I walk "normally" indoors, now, the foot dragging has gotten more pronounced.  Specifically, it's my fourth toe on the right side.  Sometimes it doesn't lift, and when I shuffle forward, it stays behind, doing two things: 1. Makes me off-balance so I work to keep from falling (which I guess can be seen as a positive thing in a way), and 2. With the other toes facing forward, and this one, pinned between my foot and the surface, I end up with a bruised toe and pain for a few days.

This is something that prbably won't correct itself on its own, so while foot dragging didn't really have much of a consequence before I got sick, it does now.  I have to remember to consciously lift my feet up when I walk, enough so that each toe is off the ground, and won't get pinned between the floor and my foot.

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