Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sue Grafton "C" is For Corpse

I'm currently reading, "C" is for Corpse, by Sue Grafton.  The victim in this book, is also the one who hires the private eye.  He dies almost mid-way through the book (which is no secret because this part is told in the synopsis on the back of the book), but the first part of the book really hit home.

The victim suffered severe injuries as a result of being run off the road.  When we meet him, he has recovered remarkably, but walks with a gait, has memory issues, gets emotional, and is self-conscious.

My issues aren't exactly the same, but Grafton has captured the essence of what it is like for someone who is recovering from physical injury. 

I had meant to read Grafton's "alphabet" mysteries for a long time, but wanted to start with, "A."  I came across "A" through "D" a couple of weeks ago, and finished "A" and "B." She's almost done with the alphabet - if not already, and I intend to read the entire series, but I have a feeling this one will be my favorite.

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