Thursday, July 18, 2013

My pre-hospitalization symptoms

I was cleaning up my desk today, and I found a torn out sheet of a memo pad in which I had written down the symptoms I was experiencing the week before I went to the emergency room.

Sunday evening - headache
Tuesday forward - Fever, but had dropped by 3 degrees by the time I went to the hospital
                               No appetite
                               Muscle Aches
Tuesday - Saturday - facial pain
Tuesday and Wednesday - vomiting

I went to urgent care on Thursday and received some antibiotics, but on Friday, I developed:
chills, and the difficulty in urination began.

On Sunday, the day I went to the emergency room, I experienced dizziness, and was unable to urinate. Thank goodness I went, for five days later, i fell into a coma.

U[date on 7-19-13: This is an example of my memory problem - not really detrimental, but annoying - I hadn't realized that I wrote a similar post a couple days ago.  I don't know if I am referring to the same sheet of paper.  But I think I am.

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