Sunday, July 14, 2013

Short-term memory loss

One of the consequences of the meningitis regarding mental finctions (in addition to the delerium while the virus was still circulating within me) is the somewhat minor problem I have with short-term memory, now.  Even before I became ill, I could be a scatter-brain at times, and my problems now aren't enough to enough to make an impact on my life, but it can be annoying.

The psychiatrist told me that the short-term memory function should return soon after I return to work - I assume because I would be forced to have to use it.    I have returned to work, and have not yet had a problem remembering things even short term - so that hasn't been a problem, yet.  At least, no one has told me I should have remembered something I should have remembered. Okay, there was one time a couple of weeks ago, but it was only embarrassing - but not detrimental. I reported a problem, then when it was fixed, did not remember reporting that particular problem.

During this recovery phase, more a few months ago when I started to walk outdoors with a cane than now, I tried to time myself. I would look at the time when I started, but when I reached my destination, I would forget what time I had started.   And some things, I can't remember what I did on what days.  But this stuff happens to everybody, certainly me before I fell ill, but it just seems to be a little more pronounced at the moment.

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