Thursday, August 15, 2013


Once out of the hospital, I tried hard to eat properly. 

I did research on myelin sheaths, and since they are made up largely of fat, I tried to incorporate non-greasy fatty foods into my diet. I normally don't eat eggs, nor avocados, but each morning, I would eat one egg, over easy, or sunny side up, and avocados as much as I could. 

I catheterized to urinate, so I cut out the coffee. I've always been a tea drinker, whether it is green tea or black tea, and continued that practice.

In the hopsital, a friend provided me with alkaline water, which I drank, but alkaline water caused me to "go," so although I drank it at home, I didn't as much as I was in the hospital.  This is mostly because at the hospital, I catheterized every four hours, but after discharge, I tried to stay on a six-hour schedule.

Because of my bowel issues, I tried to take in a lot of fiber early on, and I still do try.  I eat lots of beans, cabbage, other vegetables, fruits, hummus, salsa, and oatmeal (well, the oatmeal is not that often anymore).  I was never much of a junk food eater, but I think I eat more nutritiously now than before I fell ill.

For a while, I took bvitamin B-12 tablets to help with the nerves, but I stopped now.

I think my nutritonal choices have helped me recover more quickly. 

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