Friday, August 9, 2013

Feeling Jay and Carrying a Cane

In George M. Cohan's song, "45 Minutes From Broadway," he writes about it being a "jay atmosphere."  I didn't know the meaning of "jay," until I researched the origin of the term, "jaywalking."  "Jay," means countryside, and "jaywalking" would be how one walks in the countryside - crossing the street in the middle of a road. 

Mostly because I can't, but I don't "rush" anymore when I walk, and I feel that even when after I have no need to use a cane, I will still carry one.  Carrying a cane is a hassle.  Just to carry it is, and then even more of a hassle when I need to set it someplace.  However, many times when I walk with a cane, I do so leisurely, and I don't even attempt to rush.  The effect is that my mind set changes sometimes - I relax, thus, I feel "jay," when I walk with the cane.

I don't know how it'll be when I'm fully recovered, but for now, I'll take time to smell the roses when I go out for my walks.   

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