Sunday, August 11, 2013

Inspirational person #5: Katelyn Anderson

Right after I posted about Doug Smith, I found this story, and couldn't wait a week.

Katelyn Anderson has cerebral palsy and when she was two months old, she suffered brain damage to cardiac arrest.  Her mother was told that Katelyn would spend the rest of her life in a vegetative state.

The report said progress was slow, but guess what?  She is walking and talking. 

But she has a new obstacle. She loves chickens, and walks 100 yards each day to be with them and collect their eggs.  The chickens have served as a form of therapy for her and her brother, Lucas, who also has medical conditions.  But the city wants to ban the chickens.  A petition is being passed around which asks the city council to reconsider the ban.

Here is her story on AOL
City wants to ban chickens

Here is the link to the online petition:  If it doesn't load properly, try re-loading the tab.
Petition to reconsider chicken ban

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