Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bed Wetting

Once I got the ability to stand up for  a few seconds, I knew my legs would recover quicker than expected, but at the time, I still urinated through a catheter and still digital stimmed for bowel care.  The bathroom issues worried me more than the walking.  In October, I re-gained the ability to urinate naturally, but started experiencing the opposite problem, which has gradually gotten better, but the problem remains.

I often cannot hold it in when I get the urge, and it takes multiple trips to the bathroom to empty my bladder - just not as many trips now than back then. As for the bowels, I regained the ability back in November, but its pretty much stayed the same.  I used to be very regular, but now I am regular enough, but would like to go more regularly. 

My bladder control during the day is much better, and totally normal as long as i am less than 20 feet away from a bathroom at all times, and probably 80% normal if I am less than 5 minutes away from a bathroom.  It's just at night, during sleep that I have problems.  I really don't wet the bed, I wear two layers of absorbant accessories, one an absobant guard, and another, embarrassingly called diaper pants, but what it is is vynal underwear.

It's rather embarrassing to talk about these things, but it's something that those of us who have nerve damage go through. Hopefully, these functions will recover fully.  In the meantime, there are adjustments that can be made - and thats the best we can do. 

I'd much rather live with the adjustments than what I went through when these functions didn't work at all.

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