Thursday, August 21, 2014

Inspiration from helpful strangers - Twitter

Twitter is a strange place.  About 99% of the people I follow or who follow me, I don't know personally,  yet I read their tweets, RT, favorite, and sometimes reply to the tweets.  Sometimes this is where I get breaking news, as someone will tweet about it before I hear about it on the news. But its main use for me is to find books to read, and to read interesting quotes (tweets), mainly the inspirational, motivational, and sometimes whimsical ones.

This blogpost is about one particular tweet that was relevant to me on several levels.  So, here it goes as best as I can explain it.  @BruceVH  @themovingroad

 I follow life coach and runner Bruce Van Horn on Twitter.  I follow him because his tweets have an inspirational and motivational quality to them.

So, earlier this week, he tweeted about a paralyzed man in the UK who blogged about Van Horn's book on training for a marathon, and how the book inspired him, and how he applied the tips to his own situation.

I opened up the tweet and read the blog post.  This man, Steven Webb, was a runner until he broke his neck.  Through Twitter, he "found" Van Horn, and eventually read his book on marathon training, and though the book itself is on marathon training, it can be applied to one's own situation.

After exploring his blog, I found out that Webb is writing about his experiences with paralysis, one project seems to be a book in progress titled, The Moving Road.  He has other writings available, including a blog he maintains.

Now how did this apply to me?

1. In 2012, directly or indirectly from meningitis, my spinal cord was damaged.  Fortunately, my time in a wheelchair was limited to four months. So, here was an instant connection to Webb.

2.  During my recovery process, a goal I have set for myself is to someday be well enough to run a 10K race.  I'm at the point where I can walk as fast as I can before I got sick, can actually jog, but I really can't sprint. I can, but I can't - it's hard to explain.  So, although I was already a Van Horn follower, the book Webb reviews, You Can Go the Distance, connects to me.

3. Webb writes that he applied some of the techniques to his own life, though the book is targeted at marathon training. One of the strategies I've used throughout my recovery has been to find inspiration from all sources, songs, movies, stories about others who have overcome obstacles, etc. It didn't matter whether the subject dealt with spinal cord injury or trying to reach the championship game in a high school baseball tournament - I've tried to apply these "lessons" to my own situation.

4.  Webb shares his experience through a blog, as do I, and also is writing a book.  Van Horn also shares his knowledge and experience through writing.  Before I got sick, I had two books out, and a third one, Toe Up to 10K, which will be out around September 5, is my book journaling my recovery process from spinal cord injury.   So, there is a fellowship of authors here, but more important is the sharing of our experiences.  When one finds him/herself in a situation, we want to learn what's next.  Everybody is different, and by reading about a variety of experiences, one can find commonality with others even though the exact circumstances may not be the same.  Writing about our own experiences may help others dealing with theirs.

So, one little tweet I read from a man I follow on Twitter, but never met on Wednesday morning affected me on several levels in a positive way.

Here is the book Webb blogged about, written by Van Horn
Click here

And here is the link to Steven Webb's blog
Steven Webb's blog

Finally, some shameless self promotion.  My book, Toe Up to 10K will be out around September 5.  Certainly in eBook format, and most likely, also available in physical format from some eBook retailers.

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